Walker Tracker - Autumn 2021 updates

Happy fall - here's what Walker Tracker's development team has been up to the last few months.


- Accessibility release
In the early fall we implemented a big accessibility initiative in both our Android and iOS apps, making the apps perform much better with voiceover and the other built-in accessibility tools in the platforms. One of our main tenets is inclusivity, and we feel this goes a long way toward making our experience open to everyone.

- In-App Challenges!

Coming this week: Challenge your friends  directly from the app.

We hope you love this feature as much as we do. We'll certainly be challenging our friends/family over the Thanksgiving break. Watch for it to drop in the next few days.


Our new platform, Stride, is up and running for Activity-based map challenges. I could look at this design all day... though I should probably get out there and walk a few more steps.

Even better - you can trial it now (or learn more about it) at:


We've lots more to come in the next few months.

Happy walking!

Updates for June, 2021

- View individual progress in your team with a team leaderboard
- More and better notifications
- Many bug fixes


- View individual progress in your team with a team leaderboard
- More and better notifications
- plus other small improvements

Walker Tracker: 

- Privacy enhancement! No more Google Cookies! We have switched to a privacy-focused analytics platform that places no cookies. This improves our privacy stance significantly. 

Walker Tracker - new design

- Our 'Activate' is open for business. If you're looking for an activity-challenge platform in our new design, drop us a line.

- automated billing, questions, more!

Android re-design!

I am very pleased to announce the complete re-design of our Android app. 

In addition to a gorgeous new re-design, we've completely refactored the codebase for stability, reliability and future improvements.

Needless to say, we're very excited and hope this brings a radically better Android experience.  We'd love to know what you think! Download the app here.
Need help? Contact us at support.walkertracker.com. If you like the app, we would   your review.